I spent several years as a software developer in C and C++ before moving to Java and the wonderful world of the Web for many more years.

After several years as a lecturer and researcher in AI, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and Data Mining I’m once again a full time Software Engineer.

While research exposed me to many new and interesting things I much prefer the challenges of writing real code; code that’s actually used by millions of people every day. There’s nothing like receiving an email that says “Problem Solved!”

I’ve done some interesting things over the years, but most recently I’ve become (well, forced to become) interested in Scala. I say “forced” because I was reluctant to leave the warm comfy embrace of Java. A couple of months and micro-services later and I’m really glad I “jumped ship” so-to-speak.

So I decided to revamp my blog and share some (hopefully useful) things I’ve learned along the way.